Who We Are


We want to help kids gain confidence, knowledge, and habits that allow them to fall in love with fitness & build healthy active lifestyles for the rest of their lives


Founder of Fit First Adam Krell standing with arms crossed


Founder, Head Coach

Tennis | Baseball | Boxing

B.S. Behavior Psychology, specialization in Child Development & Special Education

Elementary School Special Ed Teacher

Certified NASM Advanced Trainer

Certified EMT-B

Meet the Founder

Adam (aka Coach Adam) is the founder and head coach at Fit First. Education has always been his passion - With a degree in Behavior Psychology and specializing in Child Development & Special Education, Adam has been an elementary school special ed teacher for over ten years, and have taught countless students with different needs and backgrounds across multiple states. 

After leaving the school system and founding Total Tutors, Adam realized that he could still do so much more to help students develop life skills and habits beyond academics. Having seen first hand how increasing screen times have affected children's physical health, attention span, and stress levels, he felt the need to help students stay healthy physically and mentally and gain confidence, now and throughout life. 

Growing up, Adam was an avid sports player and eventually went into coaching as well, focusing in Tennis and Baseball. He trained at the Balletierry Tennis Camp for multiple years and competed in USDA tournaments, before going off to college to play baseball. After a shoulder injury, Adam started coaching Tennis privately and coached multiple teams in the little league in Washington. His passion for fitness continued into adulthood in the form of boxing, and he has been boxing in amateur and Golden Gloves tournaments for the past ten years. Adam eventually formally became a NASM Certified Advanced Personal Trainer, and combined his love for education and fitness to found Fit First. He is a firm believer that fitness should be fun and accessible, and aims to help kids learn the tools and habits for a healthy active lifestyle!





Yoga & Fitness Instructor

Nicole has been an athlete and has worked with children her entire life. She started as a gymnast growing up, then became a gymnastic coach for several years, which then transitioned into becoming a yoga and meditation instructor! Nicole has been teaching yoga and meditation for almost five years and has taught children ranging from ages 4 - 15. Nicole is passionate about using meditation and yoga as a tool for not only physical well-being, but mental and spiritual well-being. She hopes to bring the same joy and peace of mind brought to her by yoga, to all of her students. When Nicole is not teaching you'll find her volunteering for School on Wheels, tumbling around at acroyoga, climbing mountains, or chilling at the beach.

Melissa Z Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor

"I was born and rasied in Lebanon and moved to California about 6 years ago to pursue a career in Graphic Design. As I started out in the field I realized I was craving more human connection and community. I took my first Hot Yoga class and fell in love ! Since then I have completed multiple 200 hour certifications such as Power Yoga, Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga. I have taught heated classes in a yoga studio as well as a foundational classes in a gym. I am very interested in the practice of Yoga and its philosophy both on and off the mat. It is part of my personal healing journey and I would love to empower our younger generation to develop positive coping skills and outlets for anything that may be hindering them both mentally and physically."

Marnie Mattei Yoga Instructor


Yoga & Fitness Instructor

"I teach because I am passionate about helping students discover balanced ways to be active, healthy and happy that fit into their lifestyle and that they truly enjoy. I have more than 8 years of experience specializing in yoga for athletes, yoga with weights, metabolism-boosting yoga, yin and restorative yoga, indoor cycling, and circuit training and bootcamps. I am especially experienced leading adolescents and introducing beginners to yoga and fitness. My teaching style is based upon my motto that working out and taking care of ourselves should be fun, safe, and should make us feel better and build us up!"