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Who We Are

We want to help kids gain confidence, knowledge, and habits that allow them to fall in love with fitness & build healthy active lifestyles for the rest of their lives

Founder of Fit First Adam Krell standing with arms crossed


Founder, Head Coach

Fitness| Tennis | Baseball | Boxing

B.S. Behavior Psychology, specialization in Child Development & Special Education

Elementary School Special Ed Teacher

Certified NASM Advanced Trainer

Certified EMT-B

Meet the Founder

Adam (aka Coach Adam) is the founder and head coach at Fit First. Education has always been his passion - With a degree in Behavior Psychology and specializing in Child Development & Special Education, Adam has been an elementary school special ed teacher for over a decade, and have taught countless students with different needs and backgrounds across multiple states. 

After leaving the school system and founding Total Tutors, Adam realized that he could still do so much more to help students develop life skills and habits beyond academics. Having seen first hand how increasing screen times have affected children's physical health, attention span, and stress levels, he felt the need to help students stay healthy physically and mentally and gain confidence, now and throughout life. 

Growing up, Adam was an avid sports player and eventually went into coaching as well, focusing in Tennis and Baseball. He trained at the Balletierry Tennis Camp for multiple years and competed in USDA tournaments, before going off to college to play baseball. After a shoulder injury, Adam started coaching Tennis privately and coached multiple teams in the little league in Washington. His passion for fitness continued into adulthood in the form of boxing, and he has been boxing in amateur and Golden Gloves tournaments for the past ten years. Adam eventually formally became a NASM Certified Advanced Personal Trainer, and combined his love for education and fitness to found Fit First. He is a firm believer that fitness should be fun and accessible, and aims to help kids learn the tools and habits for a healthy active lifestyle!



Malik Felton Jackson_edited_edited.jpg


Fitness & Sports Coach

Malik is a fitness coach who specializes in fitness, speed training, and sports conditioning. Born and raised in Orange County, CA, he ran track and played football throughout high school and college before becoming a coach himself. Malik has trained and enjoyed fitness since a very young age with the help and mentoring of his god father Lucious Smith, who is a former NFL football player for the Los Angeles Rams. Malik has a strong passion for kids and helping them grow with the positivity he puts into every session. His main goal is not only to help the client grow and succeed, but to leave a  positive impact that will resonate with them for the rest of their lives.

Photo - Kimya Asadi_edited_edited.jpg


Yoga Instructor

Kimya is a 500-hour trained yoga instructor from London, UK. She completed her training in Costa Rica and Mexico and has taught private and group yoga sessions in various countries. Her teaching method integrates practices for the body, mind and soul, with a strong focus on meditation and breathwork. Her passion to teach is fueled by a burning desire to help students of all ages and abilities reach their optimum level of mental, physical and emotional well-being through the practice of yoga. She loves watching smiles bloom on the faces of little ones as they discover the world of yoga through fun and engaging lessons.

Erin Pic_edited.jpg


Fitness, Yoga & Special Needs Coach

Erin is a former special education teacher & fitness and yoga coach with extensive experience working with children of different needs and a mission of making fitness fun and accessible for everyone! She has been passionate about fitness and wellness since she was a teenager, and loves helping kids and families achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Erin is supportive and motivating while her classes are stimulating and engaging. With a background in child education, she has years of experience working with special needs students of varying ages and abilities in various settings, such as schools, camps, and community centers.



Music & Early Childhood Movement Teacher

Miss Stephanie is a music teacher who specializes in early childhood education. She is a performing singer and children's book author who has 10+ years of preschool education experience, and her passion is to pass on her love of music to the kiddos. Miss Stephanie leverages her preschool experience to find the perfect balance between entertainment, education, exploration, and movement in her classes to keep kids engaged and learning every time!

Photo - Johnny.jpeg


Fitness, Parkour/ Gymnastics & Dance Coach

Johnny is a coach with a well-rounded background in Hip-Hop dancing, Breakdancing, fitness, sports coaching, and gymnastics. He has danced in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, and worked with artists such as Christina Aguilera on her second album promo tour, MC Hammer 2005 MTV Video Music Awards, BET, MTV Commercial films, music videos and choreography for Las Vegas shows. Johnny comes from a competitive gymnastics background and loves to teach many levels of tumbling, from beginner to advanced, and body strength conditioning, agility, and speed for athletes of all levels. He has great passion for giving back to the youth for coaching, and finds great fulfillment and joy in seeing children improve in their skills and enjoy the active lifestyle. Johnny is full of energy, excitement, and encouragement to the youth. As a leader in his roles, he hopes to pass on sportsmanship and leadership to all of his students.

Photo - Rebecca_edited.jpg


Fitness, Parkour/ Tumbling Coach

Rebecca is a gymnastics and fitness coach with 6+ years experience teaching children how to stretch, tumble and perform a variety of gymnastics skills. Rebecca became a gymnast at a young age and competed for over 10 years. Her love for children and passion for gymnastics led her to become a gymnastics instructor for children and teens. As an instructor, she learned the importance of finding a healthy balance in having fun while challenging children to do their best. For 7 years, Rebecca also worked with people with disabilities, where she taught music, Zumba, and strength training classes; each catered to meet the needs and fitness goals of the members. Rebecca has a huge heart for children and is dedicated to give 100% of her effort to help children not only achieve their fitness goals but also to instill a “can do” attitude. 



Yoga & Fitness Instructor, Special Needs Coach

Alyssa is a Pretzel Kids licensed and 200-hour registered yoga teacher. Her holistic psychology background ignited her passion for mindful movement-based practices - including martial arts, dance, and yoga. With the flooding of digital technology, she loves sharing yoga with children because it helps them return to their mind-body connection through an evidence-supported and ancient tradition. She enjoys working with various special needs populations and designing personalized programs that help children have fun while increasing their confidence as they expand their range of motion and expression. 

Her classes are adapted for contemporary times to spark engagement in children and inspire a sense of adventure, wonder, compassion, and resilience. Her aim is to support children in building a foundation that cultivates empowerment throughout their vital developmental stages. 

PIC - Sy_edited.jpg


Fitness, Performance, Strength & Conditioning Coach

As an athlete himself, Sy has a strong passion for performance training, which led him to obtaining a B.S. degree in Exercise Science, as well as a NASM performance training certification in progress. For Sy, his love for children is endless, and he strives to be a role model and helping kids compete at a high level. Growing up, he played football and did track and field competitively until college, where he  played D2 football for a small university in Weatherford, OK. Having been coached in junior college by Monique Henderson, who was an Olympian and Pac-12 champion, he learned a great deal of knowledge, as well as what makes a great coach and athlete. His goal is to continue growing his knowledge in performance training, and share his knowledge and passion with the younger generation. 

Headshot - AJ.jpeg


Fitness & Sports Coach, Soccer Coach

AJ Is a Middle School Teacher and Soccer Coach, whose passion is to develop the mentality, social-emotional well-being, and athletic abilities of today’s youth. In terms of his education, AJ has a B.S. Psychology Degree with an emphasis in Clinical Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Teaching. Furthermore, he has various Coaching Licenses which he has accrued in his time training in the US and England. AJ has experience playing Soccer and coaching different ages and levels; including recreational programs, club programs, physical education classes, private coaching, and high school teams. His coaching style is to build rapport with each person, as understanding each individual as a whole aids in his ability to create a motivating and exciting environment for fitness. In his role as a coach, AJ continually provides positive feedback and encouragement in order to increase self-efficacy in each individual, as it is imperative to him that each person feels they are capable of achieving their fitness goals. His main goal as a coach is to promote intrinsic motivation, build mental and emotional strength, and develop an eagerness to engage in fitness.

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