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Though Fit First is a fitness company, first and foremost, it teaches way beyond fitness. Founded by Coach Adam Krell, a NASM certified trainer who is also a certified teacher with years of experience in child development, Fit First is a youth-focused education company with the goal of creating healthy sustainable lifestyles for the younger generation. 

We want children to fall in love with fitness, get away from screens and get moving!

With new technology and media becoming increasingly prevalent, children's attention spans have drastically decreased, while their need for instant gratification continues to increase. As a result children nowadays have little-to-no healthy outlets for expending their energy. There are many fitness programs available, but a youth-focused fitness program is the perfect solution. Training with Fit First will help your children develop beneficial ways of dealing with stress and emotions. Furthermore, fitness instruction will help your children learn how to navigate many situations which children often struggle with, such as: becoming responsible for their own health, perseverance, keeping a level head, planning ahead, goal setting, team work, communicating, and "digging deep".

At Fit First we aim to teach these attributes, and many more, in the safest and most enjoyable ways.

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