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Are you searching for a summer camp experience that goes beyond the ordinary? Look no further! 


Stay active, challenge yourself, and connect with new friends by taking one or more of our summer camps held within Orange County for a unique and memorable summer! Fit First offers a wide range of fitness and non-traditional athletics camps designed to ignite your child's passion for active living and promote their overall well-being. Our mission is to help kids gain confidence, knowledge, and habits that allow them to fall in love with fitness and build a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives... and exploring different sports is one of the best ways to achieve this!


At Fit First, we believe in providing a holistic approach to children's health and fitness. Our summer camps are not just about sports; they are about fostering a love for movement, cultivating creativity, and building lifelong healthy habits through exploration of different areas of athletics and motivations.

Why Choose Fit First?

1. Innovative Fitness Programs: We pride ourselves on offering innovative fitness programs that inspire children to explore new and exciting ways of staying active, regardless of athletic readiness levels. Our camps go beyond traditional sports and introduce kids to activities like parkour, games designed for enhancing functional skills, and modified sports, setting us apart from regular athletics companies.

2. Fun and Engaging: We understand that when kids have fun, they are more motivated to participate and push their limits. Our experienced instructors create a dynamic and inclusive environment where kids can enjoy themselves while developing essential physical and cognitive skills.

3. Emphasis on Activity: We believe a camp's quality lies in carefully designed and followed programs, which not only mean quality instruction that empowers kids to learn and push themselves out of their comfort zones, but also making sure each kid is getting the most out of their time at camp. No more camps where kids are sitting around.

4. Focus on Well-rounded Education: At Fit First, we prioritize the overall well-being of your child. Our camps emphasize not only physical fitness but also mental and emotional wellness. From goal-setting to team building, we want to make sure kids are learning important life skills and gaining confidence through pushing themselves. We incorporate elements like music and movement for toddlers, encouraging self-expression and nurturing their cognitive development.

5. Personalized Attention: We believe in the power of individualized instruction. Our professional staff ensures that each child receives personalized attention and guidance throughout their camp experience. We celebrate their unique abilities and provide a supportive environment for their growth.


We work hard to make sure our camp offerings are an inclusive, professional, and positive experience for all our athletes, regardless of background or abilities/ sports experience. Our trained staff and certified trainers are energetic, welcoming, and have years of experience in their respective sport. On top of sports expertise, our staff prioritizes the safety and confidence of your child, so you can rest assured that your child is in good hands.  

Get your child out of the house for some fresh air, sun, exercise, and lots and lots of fun and friendships for a memorable, life-changing summer experience!

Summer Camp Offerings
For sign ups, schedules and pricing, please check the Camp Schedule page 

Fit Minds, Active Body Bootamp

Come join Fit First’s Fit Minds, Active Body bootcamp to develop your child's body and mind! Two pieces of a puzzle important for ALL children to develop at a young age; mind and body! Campers will split their time between working on academics and fitness each day, helping your children develop both mental and physical strength. Campers will get to write and read stories, work on puzzles, and play games that will help them sharpen their math, reading, writing, memorization, and problem solving skills, followed by Fit First's unique blend of games and activities created specifically for children to help them develop strength, balance, stamina, and coordination. The perfect blend of education and exercise, all while having the most fun possible!


Ninja Parkour Camp

Just like a ninja, campers will learn how to (safely) tumble, traverse obstacles and soar through the air with grace. Campers will learn the foundational skills of parkour such as running, jumping, vaulting, and rolling, and develop balance, coordination, strength, accuracy, and stamina in a unique, fun and exciting way! Campers will play games and have fun all while building up their fitness and applying it to a brand new skill

Music, Art, & Wiggles! Camp

Singing, dancing, learning, and more! Music, Arts, and Wiggles Camp is a combination of Fit First's most popular toddler music classes in OC. Campers will get to sing along, dance, stretch, wiggle and move through the use of educational songs, books, puppet shows, games, and more while learning about a wide array of subjects including different cultures, letters, numbers, math, history, and social emotional learning; coupled with craft activities to help your little ones express their creativity through different formats of art expression!

IMG_0932 3.JPG

Fit First sports and fitness camp brings a unique spin to your average sports camp! This camp is a fitness-forward camp, designed to keep your kids moving and active, giving them a much needed break from extended screen-time. Campers will get the opportunity to play a mix of popular sports, while also participating in Fit First's unique blend of activities geared towards strength training and getting their heart rate up in a FUN AND EXCITING way. It's so fun, they won't even know they're exercising.

Flag Football Camp

Flag Football Summer Camp offers a dynamic experience focusing on key football skills for students of all levels. Led by expert coaches, kids will learn essential techniques such as passing, catching, flag-pulling, and basic strategies. Through fun drills, friendly games, and scrimmages, participants will enhance teamwork, agility, and coordination in a safe, non-contact environment. This camp is the perfect blend of skill-building and enjoyable competition, ensuring an action-packed summer for all football enthusiasts!


Total Tutors Harry Potter, A Literary Adventure: Reading, Descriptive Writing, and Crafts camp

Offered through our academic-focused sister company Total Tutors, this camp does not focus on athletics, but truly lets your imaginations *run* wild! Campers of all ages will get to read, analyze, discuss, respond, and craft their own stories in the path of one of the greatest literary adventures of all time, Harry Potter. After reading, analyzing, and discussing the story in a "book club" fashion, campers will learn how to create masterful tales using descriptive language and vivid details, just like JK Rowling. Campers will also get a chance to carry out themed craft projects, act out scenes, play Harry Potter themed games, and truly immerse themselves in the world of magic!

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