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Community Resources

As part of this community, we not only provide great services but resources to you as well.  On our social media sites, Facebook and Instagram, information such as weekly tips, tricks, activities and more are available at your fingertips.  All the worksheets we create for community use will be housed here for easy access.  Please explore our social sites regularly so you do not miss any of these valuable resources. 

FF 7.26.22 Tip.jpg


Healthy vs Unhealthy Foods

FF 6.8.22 Activity.jpg


Food Scramble Worksheet

FF 6.1.22 Activity.jpg


Sports Worksheet

FF 5.25.22 Activity.jpg


Matching Fruit Worksheet

FF 5.24.22 Tip.jpg


Food Pyramid

FF 5.18.22 Activity.jpg


Lunchtime Food Choices

TT 4.19.22 Tip.jpg


Daily Emotions Log

FF 4.12.22 Tip.jpg


Body Organs

FF 4.5.22 Tip Page 1.jpg


Food Categories Activity Sort

FF 3.30.22 Activity-2.jpg


Learning Body Parts Worksheet

FF 3.8.22 Tip.jpg


Healthy Eating Choices

Let’s take time to teach our kiddos about healthy eating choices and habits. 

FF Spelling Workout Worksheet 12.15.21.jpg


Spelling Workout Worksheet

Enjoy this worksheet over the holiday!  Start with each day of the week and the spelling of that day will be the workout.  You can also use names of family members, favorite colors, etc.  After you get started, try timing the workout so that you start to maintain 30 minutes of physical activity.  Let us know how you do on our social sites!

FF Journal 11.12.21.jpg


Fit First Workout Journal

Need help navigating your fitness journey?  Talk to one of our coaches today and see how we can help!!  Of course, one suggestion we have to assist you and your children during the fitness journey is to keep a journal.  This helps to track progress and successes.  Try this worksheet and see how it helps!  Enjoy!

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