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Any readiness level



M - F

9am - 12PM

Newport Beach/ irvine


Summer SPORTs & fitness

Stay active and engaged during the summer, and connect with new friends at our weeklong active summer camps for a unique and memorable summer!


Studies have shown that physically active children are more likely to remain physically active as adults. At Fit Fist our main mission is to help kids gain confidence, knowledge, and habits that allow them to fall in love with fitness and build a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.


We know that "fitness" and  "bootcamp" can sound intimidating or daunting for kids, but we have named our camps this way because "fitness" should be accessible to everyone, and doesn't require one to be a sports star or look a certain way to be an athlete. We work hard to make sure our bootcamp is an inclusive, professional, and positive experience for all our athletes, regardless of background or abilities/ sports experience. Our trained staff and certified trainers are energetic, welcoming, and most importantly skilled at providing kids exercise activity modifications that ensure the safety and confidence of your child, so you can rest assured that your child is in good hands.  


Our camps are hosted indoors and outdoors in Orange County cities such as Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, and Aliso Viejo, and are perfect for school aged children and teens. Fit First's Sports & Fitness Bootcamp brings a unique spin to your average sports camp. This camp is a fitness-forward camp, designed to keep your kids moving and active, giving them a much needed break from extended screen-time. The camps consist of a variety of training styles, traditional and non-traditional sports, and fun interactive activities to give your child a chance to exercise, explore different aspects of health & fitness, and to stay engaged and having fun. No two days of the camp will be the same, but they will always consist of a mix of cardio, strength circuits, competitions, and many other fun activities! Each camp is adapted to the campers' ability levels while ensuring the activities are interactive, fun, and build important life skills such as team work, perseverance, and strong character that are essential to success in life.  

Get out of the house for some fresh air, sun, exercise, and lots and lots of fun and friendships for a memorable, life-changing summer experience!

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