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 tustin / irvine/ costa mesa/ newport beach


Stay active, connect with new friends, and prepare for the coming sports seasons with Fit First's weeklong outdoor summer camps! Our unique sports camps provide a memorable and enriching summer experience for kids of all ages.


Our Mission


At Fit First, our mission is to help kids gain confidence, knowledge, and habits that foster a lifelong love for movement and fitness. We believe that engaging in sports is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. Our sports camps are designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle through a variety of fun and challenging activities that build both physical and mental strength.

Diverse and Engaging Sports Camps


Multi-Sport Camps


Our multi-sport camps are perfect for kids who love variety, or at a beginner level in sports. These camps combine popular sports such as soccer, basketball, and flag football with athletic training drills and fun activities. This diverse approach keeps kids engaged and allows them to explore different sports, helping them to develop a wide range of skills and interests. Each day is packed with exciting games and exercises that promote teamwork, coordination, and overall fitness.

Individual Sport Camps


For those who prefer to focus on a single sport, we offer specialized camps for traditional sports like our Flag Football Camp, Soccer Camp, and Basketball Camp, as well as non-traditional sports like Ninja Parkour Camp. These camps provide in-depth training in specific sports, helping young athletes to hone their skills and improve their performance. Our experienced coaches provide personalized attention, ensuring that each child can progress at their own pace and achieve their personal best.

Focus on Learning

While summer camps are meant to be fun, and every camper has different goals and what they are looking for in a camp, we believe it is important that the campers leave each day having learned something new and valuable pertaining to the sports featured in each camp. Our camps are programming-focused, developed by experienced educators with structured class plans rather than free play. Each session is thoughtfully designed to ensure meaningful progression and skill development.


Camps for All Skill Levels


At Fit First, we welcome athletes of all skill levels. Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced athlete, our camps are designed to meet their needs:



- Learn key techniques and fundamentals of each sport.
- Build a strong foundation in athletic skills.
- Develop confidence through guided practice and positive reinforcement.

Advanced Athletes:

- Benefit from specialized conditioning to enhance performance.
- Solidify and refine existing skills with advanced drills.
- Gain insights into higher-level game-play strategies and techniques.


General Skills:

- Communication: Improve verbal and non-verbal communication through team activities.
- Leadership: Develop leadership qualities by taking on various roles within team settings.
- Confidence: Boost self-esteem and confidence through skill mastery and peer interactions.
- Teamwork: Learn the importance of collaboration and supporting teammates.
- Perseverance: Build resilience and the ability to overcome challenges.
- Discipline: Understand the value of practice, focus, and commitment.
- Problem-Solving: Enhance critical thinking and decision-making skills in dynamic game situations.


Inclusive and Professional Training


At Fit First, we are committed to creating an inclusive, professional, and positive environment for all athletes, regardless of their background or sports experience. Our camps are designed to be accessible to everyone, including kids who are new to sports or those with injuries and limitations. 

Experienced and Certified Trainers


Our staff consists of ex-collegiate athletes, certified trainers, and experienced education professionals. Our trained staff are energetic, welcoming, and have years of experience in their respective sports. They are dedicated to providing high-quality coaching and support, helping each child to feel confident and motivated... and have fun! Our trainers prioritize safety and are skilled in creating a nurturing environment where kids can thrive. We believe in using positive reinforcement and tailored training techniques to ensure that every child has a rewarding experience.


Outdoor Fun in Orange County


Prime Locations


Our sports camps are hosted outdoors in open fields and in indoor athletic facilities across the Orange County area. These locations provide the perfect setting for kids to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and wide-open spaces. Our camps make use of local parks, community centers, and school fields to create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Interactive Activities


The camps include a variety of interactive activities focusing on physical conditioning and sports techniques while being educational, fun, and skill-building. We emphasize teamwork, perseverance, and strong character, essential for success in life. 

Kids will participate in drills, games, and exercises designed to enhance their physical abilities and sports skills. From learning how to dribble a soccer ball to mastering the art of vaulting through obstacles, our camps provide comprehensive training that covers all aspects of each sport.

A Memorable and Life-Changing Summer


Building Lifelong Skills


Get your child out of the house for fresh air, sun, exercise, and lots of fun and friendships. Join us for a memorable, life-changing summer experience at Fit First Sports Summer Camps! Our camps are more than just a way to pass the time—they are an opportunity for kids to build important life skills.


Lasting Friendships


What builds friendships faster than competing in frog jumps across a field?! In addition to physical fitness, our camps provide a social environment where kids can make new friends and build lasting relationships. The camaraderie and sense of community that develop during camp help to boost kids' confidence and make the experience truly special.

Kids Playing Soccer

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Flag Football Camp

(multi)Sports & Fitness Bootcamp

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Discover the perfect camp for your child and help them develop skills, fitness, and a passion for sports this summer with Fit First!

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