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Parent & Child




130 PM - 230 PM

Newport Beach/ irvine




Socialization through fitness is our new unique parent & child social-emotional education class that combines fitness and socialization of pre-school aged children.  


Designed and led by our head trainer Coach Adam, who has years of experience in special education & child development, the classes utilize fitness-based and playground-like scenarios, as a conduit, for kids to learn tools to resolve typical conflicts that arise during recess and sports. It is a fun and educational class to help kids and parents communicate and better prepare kids to navigate common social conflicts, and gain valuable social skills such as:

  • Assertiveness

  • Self confidence

  • Active listening

  • Demonstrating empathy

  • Cooperation

  • Giving & receiving constructive criticism

  • Conflict Resolution


Help your child stay active, connect with new friends, and learn important tools to navigate social situations with the Fit First Family! 

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