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Newport Beach/ irvine

Youth Yoga Classes

Build your child’s strength and focus with the help of Fit First. We’re not just any traditional fitness company, we’re here to make yoga and mindfulness FUN for your kids! Yoga has been proven to have a multitude of health benefits, but most people are not introduced to it until adulthood since children often focus on sports during school. Yoga is perfect for any child as a safe, low-impact activity suitable for any age from toddler to high school, regardless of injury or weight. Not only does it offer little ones all the physical benefits, it also helps little minds focus and relax. Our youth-focused kids yoga classes in Orange County aim to introduce kids to the fundamentals of yoga practice, including yoga postures, breathing techniques, and mindfulness. Our goal is to help your children develop healthy active lifestyles in the best way possible.


The kids (warriors!) build strength and focus, release stress, and gain balance and flexibility through a series of yoga flow routines led by our certified yoga teachers and challenge themselves safely with fun postures. Through learning breathing and meditation techniques, kids gain a deeper connection with themselves, respect for their surroundings, and learn to deal with daily stress and frustration.

Ready to book a class? Have any questions? Help your child stay active, explore a new type of fitness, and build inner & outer strength through our socially distanced outdoor youth yoga classes filled with fun, fresh air, and friends! With several classes located throughout Orange County in Irvine and Newport Beach, we’re sure to have the perfect one your kids will love. Check out our current schedule and book your class today or feel free to contact us to learn more information! We look forward to having your kids join the Fit First family! 


& Me Yoga

We all know that children learn best by example, and joining your little in getting active is the best way to help them develop an appreciation for movement and exercise!

Join your child ( for free! ) in our Toddler Yoga class and start your day with an hour of family yoga flow, stretch, strengthen, breathe, and enjoy quality bonding time with your family and meet other families through a series of fun yoga poses. 

Recommended age 2 - 4, but any ages welcome!

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