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What doese a private fitness training session entail? 

Fit First's private fitness training program for youth is a customized training program that is developed for each child's specific needs and goals. We will evaluate our little athlete's strengths and weaknesses to identify areas to focus on, such as muscle imbalances, flexibility issues, endurance, strength development...etc, as well as any specific areas you want to work on, such as movement mechanics, specific sports movements, and much more. Most importantly, we will always aim to help our students gain strength, confidence, and knowledge about their body and movements that they can bring with them along their fitness journey.

Each session will be scheduled at a space and time convenient to you, and our coaches will bring everything that is needed for the session!

Can you provide workouts to do at home?

Building health and fitness is all about consistency, and we would be happy to provide home programs for our students to continue practicing and staying active between sessions with their coaches! All you have to do is let us know, and we would be happy to design a 'homework' program for our students.

Do you have eyour own location?

We currently do not have our own brick and mortar location, but we are definitely on the look-out for a suitable space! Please take a moment to complete the survey below :)

Where would you like to see our store?

What happens if I find out my child / someone we've been in contact with is sick with COVID or another infectious disease?

We kindly ask that you stay home and notify us immediately so we can determine the best way to protect our athletes and staff members. Any unused fees will be credited to your account, and camp may be cancelled to allow for deep cleaning of equipment.

See details in our updated Worry-free Refund Policies.

I'm interested but there are no classes near me/ times that work with my schedule...

Fit First offers many contract classes through cities and schools, as published on our class schedule, but it can be hard too find a time that works for most of our clients due to everyone's busy schedule. Many of our clients opt for private small group training for fitness, yoga, or sports instead to get training at location and times convenient to their schedule. However, feel free to submit a request, and we will evaluate the possibility of starting a class near you!

How do I register for class or bootcamp?

You can now register for class & bootcamps as well as request private lessons 100% online! Simply click any of the "Book Now" or "Register" buttons, and you'll be able to select the service you want and pay securely online on the portal on which the class is offered.

My child has injuries/ allergies/ medical conditions, would these classes/ camps be suited for them?

Our head coach Adam is a trained EMT and special education teacher, as well as certified personal trainer, and would be able to accommodate most medical conditions and provide modifications during class. Please make sure you provide details of these conditions we should be aware of so we can plan adjustments ahead of time. We would also be happy to discuss with your doctor before you register.

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