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Our signature group fitness workout classes are 1 hour compact classes that pack in cardio, strength training circuits and stations, and stretching through games and activities that make the hour fly by while getting lots of exercise in and having FUN!

Kids don't want to "exercise" - kids want to have fun! That's why we mix exercises with fun activities so that kids can learn that exercising can be fun and fall in love with a healthy active lifestyle, instead of staring at screens all day. We focus on helping kids build confidence and knowledge to experiment with different physical activities now, and throughout life! Our classes are perfect for both getting some activity in after school, and getting extra physical conditioning to improve sports performance.

These classes are perfect introductions to fitness for children. Designed and led by NASM Certified Personal Trainer with 10+ years of special education teaching experience, our programs are safe, interactive, and fun, and most importantly inclusive for all readiness levels! Join the Fit First family, make some friends, and get moving with us!

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