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Summer sports & Fitness camp

Stay active, connect with new friends, by taking one or more of our summer camps held within Irvine, Woodbridge, or Laguna Beach for a unique and memorable summer!

Our mission is to help kids gain confidence, knowledge, and habits that allow them to fall in love with fitness and build a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives... and engaging in sports is one of the best ways to achieve this!


We work hard to make sure our camp offerings are an inclusive, professional, and positive experience for all our athletes, regardless of background or abilities/ sports experience. Our trained staff and certified trainers are energetic, welcoming, and have years of experience in their respective sport. On top of sports expertise, our staff prioritizes the safety and confidence of your child, so you can rest assured that your child is in good hands.  

Get your child out of the house for some fresh air, sun, exercise, and lots and lots of fun and friendships for a memorable, life-changing summer experience!


Summer Camp & Class Offerings
For sign ups, schedules and pricing, please click button above. 

Woodbridge Summer Sports Camp

Come join Fit First’s sports and activity camp at the Woodbridge community! Fill your child’s morning with productive fun as campers play a mix of popular sports, games, and activities, as well as some new exciting games created by Fit First instructors! Campers will play a mix of sports (such as soccer, football, frisbee, volleyball, basketball, etc), be introduced to special guest activities (yoga, music, arts, sports conditioning), and play a host of fun physical and non physical games (puzzles, brain teaser/ mystery activities, educational board games, crafts, and more!). Help your child make the most of their mornings over summer; getting fresh air, fun in the sun, and an opportunity to meet new friends in the community while learning from our experienced fitness coaches!

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Irvine Summer Camps & Classes

Fit First Toddler Yoga

Fit First offers a fun new way to get your toddler moving! Classic yoga movements modified in a way that anyone can do, even your toddler. Kids will be taught beginning concepts of balance and breathing techniques to help them establish better body awareness and coordination. Fun and educational, your child will have a great time moving through basic yoga stances with a patient and guiding Fit First instructor, while developing stronger self-esteem, emotional regulation skills, better concentration and memory, and flexibility and strength. Help your toddler zoom through their early childhood development with Fit First toddler yoga classes.


Fit First Youth Yoga

The kids (warriors) build strength and focus, release stress, and gain balance and flexibility through a series of yoga flow routines led by our certified yoga teachers and challenge themselves safely with fun postures. Through learning breathing and meditation techniques, kids gain a deeper connection with themselves, respect for their surroundings, and learn to deal with daily stress and frustration.


Story Time Come Alive

Not just your average story time. Story Time Comes Alive will do just that, come alive before your very eyes. Implementing music, art, puppets, plays, dance, instruments, games, and more. Children will get the chance to feel immersed in the stories they love, and new ones they have never heard. Children will get the chance to learn about different cultures, art, music, history, foreign language, and more in this education-packed class. Students will enjoy the benefits of improved communication skills, greater cognitive functioning skills, stronger memory, creative, social-emotional learning and more through this fun and engaging story-time, but most importantly, they will develop a positive connection with reading and education. Watch your child grow their love for reading and education.

Laguna Beach Summer Fit Camp

Fit First Summer Fit Camp is an activity/health focused daily summer camp (1 week long).  The purpose of this camp is to keep children active, outdoors, and developing healthy active lifestyles.  Each day, campers will participate in general sports, exercise, specials (yoga, karate, dance, etc) and fun activities (such as relay races and competitions) to create a positive connection with fitness and exercise. 

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