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9am - 1PM


Improve your




Stay active, connect with new friends, and get ready for the coming sports seasons at our weeklong outdoor summer bootcamps for a unique and memorable summer!

Our mission is to help kids gain confidence, knowledge, and habits that allow them to fall in love with fitness and build a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives... and engaging in sports is one of the best ways to achieve this!


Each of our sports camps combine a variety of popular sports , athletic training drills, and fun activities and games and allows the athletes to explore and learn new sports while advancing their skills and physical conditions. Unlike traditional sports camps, our sports bootcamp maintains emphasis on the fitness aspect at the core of our program.


We work hard to make sure our bootcamp is an inclusive, professional, and positive experience for all our athletes, regardless of background or abilities/ sports experience. Our trained staff and certified trainers are energetic, welcoming, and have years of experience in their respective sport. On top of sports expertise, our staff prioritizes the safety and confidence of your child, so you can rest assured that your child is in good hands.  


Our sports camps are hosted outdoors in open fields in Orange County area athletic facilities. The sports camps consist of a variety of fun interactive activities that focus on physical conditioning and sports techniques to help your child stay fit and having fun. While we've had to make some modifications for our 2020 Summer Sports Bootcamp to adhere to social distancing safety guidelines, we've made sure the activities are still educational, fun, and build important life skills such as team work, perseverance, and strong character that are essential to success in life.  

Get your child out of the house for some fresh air, sun, exercise, and lots and lots of fun and friendships for a memorable, life-changing summer experience!

Kids Playing Soccer
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